VMware Identity Manager Fails to Change IP Even After Changing the IP in the vApp Section of vSphere

NOTE: This is a copy of an old VMware KB (54981) article no longer published...as it is still valid.


  • You are intending on configuring Failover and Redundancy to the vIDM appliances.
  • You assigned a new IP address to the cloned system.
  • You power on the clone of the original vIDM appliance and once the clone is completely booted, it has the same IP address as the original.
  • Looking inside of YaST2, you see that the default gateway has reverted.


To resolve this issue:
On the cloned system, run these commands to delete the .bak files in following locations:

rm -f /etc/sysconfig/networking/devices/ifcfg-eth0.bak

rm -f /etc/resolv.conf.bak

rm -f /etc/sysconfig/network/routes.bak

  1. Validate the /etc/hosts file has the proper names settings for and ::1. There should proper short (NetBIOS) and long (FQDN) names along with localhost entries for both addresses above.

  2. Edit the /etc/sysconfig/networking/devices/ifcfg-eth0 with the correct IP addresses.
  3. Edit the /etc/resolv.conf with the correct IP addresses.
  4. Edit the /etc/sysconfig/network/routes with the correct IP addresses.

Reboot the appliance once this is saved.

Note: This only applies to the Linux based virtual appliance and not Windows deployments.